Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beyond Yoga-A Yoga for Everyone!

Beyond Yoga
3F Il Terrazo Building
Tomas Morato Avenue
corner Scout Madrinian St.,
Quezon City

I go to Beyond Yoga for Zumba and other dance classes. If you are a follower of my twitter account, you would have seen my tweets about the night classes that I attended. Recently, I even went back and tried different types of yoga for one whole week. 

dance/yoga studio

With deal coupons available-my friends and I were able to buy several, we have been visiting the studio at different times of the day. The studio gets a bit crowded in the morning/noon dance classes so we decided to take their night classes instead where only less than 10 students attend in one class and sometimes even less.

We like it that way because the teacher can focus more on the students and the dance routine. In fact, one of my friends who owns up to having two left feet can now groove to the beat. She is always excited to attend dance classes. Unfortunately, for the month of April, the studio cancelled all the night classes. We are hoping that they can open a few night classes this coming May or else the coupon we recently bought that's valid for a month will just go to waste.

Their dance classes are powered by Movement Dance Studio. It includes Belly Dance/Pop, Cardio Fit, Contemporary, Dance Box, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pole Fitness and Retro Fever.

Read after the break for packages available:

200 calorie meals

This is the only yoga studio that I have attended that sells 200 calorie meals. Getting healthy does not stop inside the classroom but you can take it home with you and you can even share this meal with your family and friends. Be sure to eat within an hour after you exercise because a teacher told me that's when you burn the most calories. After workout, your metabolism is still working overtime. 

female toilet & bath

There is only one dressing area that has a sliding cloth cover. My friends and I would usually change inside the toilet area because your silhouette can still be seen behind the cloth cover especially when the light is on.


Although there is a locker situated as you walk towards the toilet, I always take my bag with me inside the studio.

I was given a gift certificate for a one week unlimited yoga. I practiced Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow during my one week free trial before I left for China and Hong Kong. Other yoga classes are AntiGravity, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Jivamukti, Power Yoga and Yoga Basics. For summer, Kids Yoga is available.

Yoga Packages:

  • Drop-in PhP450
  • One Week Unlimited PhP1,200
  • Monthly Unlimited PhP4,000
  • Six Months Unlimited PhP22,000
  • One Year Unlimited PhP40,000
  • Private Class PhP2,000

Dance Packages:

  • Drop-in PhP400
  • Monthly Unlimited PhP3,000
Yoga+Dance Package is PhP5,700 (monthly unlimited)

This May, I think the studio will be offering Pole Dance and AntiGravity Yoga classes. For inquiries, visit Beyond Yoga. Or find them on FaceBook and Twitter (IGoBeyondYoga).

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