Cafe Ten Titas

My visit: November 15, 2008

Cafe Ten Titas
Unit #305, Level 3
Gateway Mall, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon CIty

We would have been in Trinoma if not for the heavy traffic and no parking brought about by a huge SALE of the mall. We ended up in our old malling place, Gateway Araneta Center for our weekly date.

After buying a 7pm Quantum of Solace movie ticket, we looked for a restaurant to eat. We finally settled with Cafe Ten Titas which I wanted to try for many months now but we often held back because we are not so much into Filipino dish. I always see this restaurant full and busy. And now finally, we can try it.

Upon entering, a waitress assisted us and asked if we would want to try out their buffet. We decline when we saw what it offered in the table- laing, etc. We decided that we will order on our own.

DH ordered Guinomis for me and a Turon which sadly didn't come out.

DH also ordered Puto- bumbong. I know, he might be feeling a little Christmassy hehe Anyway, when I tasted it, the taste of butter was stronger than that of the Puto- bumbong. Puto- bumbong swimming in butter, anyone?

DH wanted the Pork Sisig so we ordered one. The presentation was appealling and that's where it end. The main ingredients, mainly cut portion of sausages, was not appetizing at all. It didn't taste like Sisig.

I ordered Tenderloin Steak which tasted too sweet and almost half of the dish was button mushroom. The steak has a lot of fat- bad.

We also ordered 2 plain rice which cost around PhP 60 per cup. It was served cold and DH commented that the rice was not cooked well.

Even with such a small space, the waitresses were not attentive. Maybe because we were seated inside but they should have assigned one waitress to stay where we were located. Anyway, I asked for napkin/ tissue even before our food was served but it was only given after I have to ask for it for a second time when we have already finished with our food. And of course, did I not tell you that the Turon was not served.

We don't have a nice experience with this restaurant and would probably not be a fan of it~

I would update this blog with prices by next week hookie~ Come back for it~


order not served