MV Doulos

My visit: March 15, 2009

MV Doulos

It's Sunday! Only a day after I got back from my Boracay trip with a all girl group, C and I decided to take a peek at what MV Doulos has to offer.

I picked her up and drove straight to the site. The guard stopped us from entering because MV Doulos was not yet open. At 2pm, we quickly finish our Frappucino and parked at the designated parking lot.

A long line was ahead of us, we patiently waited. A few MV Doulos personnel took pictures of people witing for their turn to board the ship. We waited for about a hour and at last, it would be our turn to get our PhP10 per pax ticket.

Once we got our tickets, we climbed the makeshift stairs and were greeted by their mascot. We took pictures with the mascot lol *feeling like a kid again* I was a bit out of breath when I was inside the ship. Too many people were inside and the air conditioner was just not enough. We were out in just 15 minutes. Good thing the makeshift toilet was working haha I saw a couple of families outside eating and drinking.

When we had some fresh air , we decided to go in once more. We tooke a closer look at what books they were selling. Most were children's book. There were bargain corners selling mugs, drinking glasses , tote bags and a couple of souvenirs. As we were on our way out, C spotted another area just outside the main room. Inside, free canvass bag where given out when you buy a couple of books. C got one and I, none lol

As we went down, more people were lining up. The line reached the gates of the parking lot. I don't know, I don't think it's worth the wait.