Hotel: Astoria

My visit:  October 10, 2008

Hotel Astoria
510 Bush St.,
San Francisco,
CA 9108
415- 4340611

Located just beside the entrance arc of Chinatown, I can safely say that it has a strategic location and the room per night cost is USD65, it is cheaper than any other hotel within the area. Boutique shops are available just a few steps from the hotel and transportation is readily available just outside the door of the hotel.

morning... busy as a bee


antique elvator

inside the elevator

hallway to our room

our room; the bed and the unlock window

have you seen a paper mat?

The hotel locks its door at night and only one person is at the reception throughout the day. The elevator creaks when it opens lol but we survived and I think so can you. The room is small and is comparable to our hotel room in Holiday Inn Express in Hong Kong but that is USD 100 per night. It freaks me out when I can't find a lock on the windows but my DH assured me that we are safe since we are on the third floor buti nalang di uso ang akyat bahay gang dun haha or I just don't know about it. It features basic amenities like toilet and bath. Oh, breakfast includes toasts, bagels, spreads, juice, tea and coffee.

This is a basic hotel. No fancy make up and best of all, it's within our budget.