Running Diary: My first marathon at age 33

Date: May 31, 2009
Event: Run with K.I.D.S.
Venue: UP Diliman, Q.C.
Time: 6am

C woke me up with a text around 3:30 am. I couldn't get myself to get up for a very early breakfast and beg to just postpone it and have it at 5 am instead. After picking up her other friend CC, we went looking for the nearest drive thru, thank God for Mc Donald's!

After downing our egg mc muffin and longganisa rice meal, we picked up AA (sounds like a battery but he is not haha), who will run for the 5k. We arrived at the venue around 5:45 am, pinned our number, have it checked and waited in line.

It turned out that the 3k runners should be positioned at the back since the 5k and 10k runners are running first. Lucky me, it was my crush Diether who was calling the start of the run for 3k runners. Upon hearing the bang, C and CC were running so fast that I was not able to keep up with them.

I was not a bit worried because many runners were starting slow. Pacing myself, I don't want to force myself, I started walking faster and then jogging and when I felt I'm too tired i would slow down. Until I reached CC at one of the many drinking stations. C was nowhere to be found.

start of the line for 5k and 10k runners

pose before the run

Diether, with cap

ready, set, go!

can't help myself, pic with Oblation in the middle of the race

When I saw CC, he told me that we can cheat our way to the front, bad idea! We didn't get the pink necklace and I am not proud that I didn't complete my first race. I know a little bit of rain is not an excuse to give so yes I joined my first race but I didn't complete it.

C showing her pink necklace

certificate at the end of the race

till next time