Steveston Pizza opens in Quezon City

Steveston Pizza
186 Tomas Morato corner Scout de Guia,
Quezon City

Steveston Pizza dubbed as "The Best Pizza in Vancouver" is now in the Philippines! I want to taste for myself how good it is. Last Sunday, my family and I visited its first branch in Quezon City.

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Steveston Pizza comes only in one size- 12 inches. Price varies from as low as PhP 399 to as high as PhP 1,299.  Aside from pizza, there's also salads and chicken wings. Unfortunately, chicken wings were out of stock the day we went. I know, bummer, right?

You can view the pizza we chose after the break...

Caveman Pizza PhP 799

Pepperoni, bacon, lean beef and capolli

Labelled under The Journeys, Caveman Pizza is for meat lovers. There's a generous serving of pepperoni underneath all those toppings. This pizza is worth every peso we spent!

a slice of Caveman Pizza

Other pizzas available under The Journeys are Canadian (PhP 749), Japanese (PhP 749), Mexican (PhP 749), Hawaiian (PhP 749) and Italian (PhP 799).

Wait! Here's the good news! Like Steveston Pizza on FaceBook, post a photo and automatically get 10% off!

Have you visited Steveston Pizza? What did you order?

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