Muang Thai

My visit : Feb 21, 2009

Muang Thai
494 Banawe St.,
Sta. Mesa Heights,
Quezon City

Whenever I miss Thai and I am in Banawe area, I go to Muang Thai. For my recent visit, DH and I sat on the second floor. We just usually had our lunch on the ground floor which is not that pleasing because it's dark and we would not want to stay long. But on the second floor Apsara dancers and huge structure replica hang on the wall. It was bright and has a colorful interior.

second floor landing

dancers adorn the wall

paper place mat

The service is fast and efficient. I really don't have any negative complaints with this restaurant. The food is great and I have yet to read a bad review on this restaurant. Here is what we have ordered the last time:

catfish mango salad

bagoong rice

chicken curry

squid with basil

The price is reasonable too. I will post the name of second to the last dish once DH comes home. I forgot lol