Causeway Seafood Restaurant

My visit: August 29, 2009

Causeway Seafood Restaurant
883 Banawe St. cor. Del Monte Ave.,
Quezon City
4108690 7408787 7409302

When we face a blank wall on where to eat lunch, Causeway is always on top of my DH's list. We always order the same items on their dim sum menu.

bean curd roll PhP65

Bean curd is a staple order of DH whenever we dine here. I can only eat one of these as I find it nakaka uta to my taste maybe because it's too saucy.

asado siopao PhP65

The asado siopao that we ordered that day seems too wet from the steam. The outer bun looks like it was run through water. I didn't complain anymore. I like naman what's inside.

with my hoisin sauce

Accompanying my asado siopao is the hoisin sauce pictured above. But don't get me wrong, the siopao taste good even without the sauce.

crab roe siomai PhP65

What's dim sum without a siomai right?

spareribs with tausi PhP65

The spareribs taste a bit different that day. A bit salty, I think.

pan fried raddish cake PhP60

I don't like the burnt part of the raddish cake. It makes me think of the cancer effect when you eat it. It's supposed to be pan fried but DH and I have to use several tissue paper to wipe all the excess oil out.

hakao PhP75

Their hakao is the best. They will only steam upon ordering it so it will take you a good 10 minutes for your hakao to arrive steaming hot.

Best of all, this restaurant would not dent much of your wallet. It has a lot of parking which is a major concern of most diners. And no service charge. Hooray!

Pardon the pictures, I used DH's Nokia 6500