Battle of the toilet papers

Kleenex 3 ply 9pcs.- PhP208

I used to buy and patronized Kleenex until one time while I was in the supermarket, I was approached by a sales representative to try a different brand, Vanita. The sales pitch was Vanita Supreme has 12 rolls plus an additional 3 rolls of 4 ply each roll. Kleenex has only 9 rolls of 3 ply each roll. Both are priced at PhP208.

Vanita Supreme 4 ply 12pcs. - PhP208

I bought only a roll to try it at home. At the same time, I asked DH if the quality of Vanita was OK for him. DH used to complain about Kleenex which easily tear when wet. The only problem I had was that Vanita had a strong garden bouquet scent. I feared that I will have allergy. But when I used up the whole roll, thank goodness, I didn't have any rashes whatsoever. And by having a 4 ply tissue, I thought about using less of it but I used the same amount each time.

Vanita Premium 3 ply- PhP187

Good thing, I discovered a Vanita 3 ply bathroom tissue. It's unscented and cost cheaper at PhP187! An on going promotion for both variants is the additional 3 rolls of scented bathroom tissue. Although the downside is that not all supermarkets carry unscented ones. I think I got the unscented one in Landmark, Makati. I like Vanita because I get good quality for cheaper price.

What's your bathroom tissue story?