Happy Birthday C!

She just celebrated her birthday at the start of the month and she celebrated it with me lol So, it's just right to dedicated this post to a very dear friend of mine, C.


After her hour long foot spa in Greenbelt 5, we went straight to Serendra at the Fort. We were famished most especially me lol


roast duck/ asado rice topping

When our orders came, I happily complimented the waiter for splitting the rice and the topping into two. So, we ended up with our own tiny bowl of rice and each of us have a serving of roast duck/asado combination. I was telling C that the price was well worth it. I have to ask for the the Hoisin sauce for asado and the Plum sauce for the roast duck though as the sauces were not served with our order.

 assorted dimsum 3 kinds

Menus were given as soon as we were seated. I scanned the menu and ordered a roast duck/asado rice topping. I instructed the waiter to separate the rice from the topping. And C ordered an assorted dimsum.

Asking for their service water was a tiresome task too. After several request, the water finally found it's way to our table. And that's about the time when we were finishing our dimsum already. We ask the waiter the name of the other two dimsum served to us aside from the siomai, the waiter seemed not well knowledgeable with the restaurant's menu. We should have taken that as a sign of bad things to come. When we got our bill, we got charged for two orders of roast duck/asado combination rice topping. We called the waiter and told about the double charged. It turned out that our orders were not split into two but were actually two orders. What a sucker! If I had known, I would have asked for them to replace my share of the roasted duck as half of it were bones and skin. With tiny portion served, the price now turned to be a bit steep. It turned out that the waiter was new. He didn't repeat our order and so we just assume that he got our orders right. Tough luck huh! Another waiter approached our table and said that he will just serve almond and jelly for our dessert FOC. Good thing that it was C's birthday and she was not in the mood to argue that night lol And the food was not bad also.

C inside Sonja's cupcake

We headed for Sonja's Cupcake to redeem my PhP500 gift certificate courtesy of Spot.ph. We were delighted to see they were having a promo. With PhP500 worth of purchase, even with GC, you get to choose 1 cupcake that you want regardless of the price. We ended up having 8 cupcakes. And as with any other siblings, the cupcakes were divided equally lol

Again, Happy Birthday C!