It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home, that is! I used to put up the Christmas tree as early as September but decided against it this year with typhoon coming in succession in our country. With that, I had to hold putting it up this year until the last week of October.

Here's a peek on what I did with our tree this year:

at night with lights on

full Christmas lights

With our 8 foot tall Christmas tree, I used a total of 9 rice lights. Rice lights are safer to use than the ordinary ones plus rice lights last twice as long. So, I advised you all to get the same for your Christmas tree, hookie?

living area

Our Christmas tree during the day. I do away with our Santa Clause tree topper (pictured below leftmost) and put it on top of a table instead along with the snow man. I noticed most Christmas tree found in shopping malls doesn't have one either lol Another trick up my sleeve is that I roam around different malls before I put up my tree so I will know what's in and what's hot!

a more closer look at the decor 

morning view

I usually recycle decorations from what I had from the previous year and add a couple more stuff like berries, leaves and the spike found on top of my tree.

 red theme- 3 santa and 2 snow man

This year, I was planning to change the entire color scheme of my tree to gold but decided against it. Ok, you got me, the reason is that it would cost a fortune. And I think it's not the right time with the typhoon and all but maybe next year? lol

master bedroom

My bed just have to blend with the color of my tree, see? Am I OC or what?