Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is a 9 day novena which starts from December 16- 24 at 4:30am. I took these photos from my second simbang gabi.


I used to do the 9 day novena everyday every 4:30am. A true sacrifice specially for people like me who, on ordinary day, sleep till 7:30am.

Mt. Carmel

Recently, different churches and even malls offer an anticipated mass, the schedule of which starts from December 15-23 usually at 8:30pm. I think this is a better option.


I am wide awake and can fully understand the sermon of the priest. After all what's the use of your 4:30am sacrifice if you don't fully comprehend the mass, right? Because you are sleepy!  

 christmas lights

Jesus on cross

 Does this sound like I am justifying my action? Whatever! I can do whatever I feel like doing and I make my own sacrifice in my own capabilities... RIGHT! What's important is that I complete the 9 day novena and my heart is 100% focus on the mass.