All time favorite: Savory Restaurant

My visit: January 23, 2010

The Original Savory Restaurant since 1950
Unit D Gotaco Bldg.,
Mac Arthur Hi-way,
Marulas, Valenzuela City
4453810   2912309

My DH could eat this fried chicken everyday of his life. Savory Chicken is his favorite! We are bound to eat here most of the time. The location of the restaurant is so near our office.

 Savory chicken (half) PhP170

The location is quite cramp on the ground floor but an advertisement outside says that the restaurant can accommodate a hundred pax on the second floor. But I have yet to see the second floor. Don't expect a lavish restaurant because the the owners are the same ones that owns the original Savory in Escolta, Manila. 

The place has not received a face lift like the new Savory restaurants found in shopping malls.

miki guisado- PhP180

Although a bit on the salty side, miki guisado has a lot of vegetables and meat. The rice is only PhP22/cup.

It was our second time to eat in this branch. And on both times we were the ones eating insisde the restaurant because I noticed that most Savory chicken orders are for deliveries.

The service is quick. I didn't see any parking space at the back but from where we parked, in front of the restaurant, no one else can park except their motor cycle. I think there is only one parking slot. So that's gonna be the problem. But you could always call for delivery.