My visit: January 1, 2010

Level 1, Power Plant Mall
Rockwell Drive, Makati Cty

 house blend coffee PhP47

DM almost always orders coffee whenever she dines in a restaurant.

churros con chocolate PhP98

Churro is their specialty. It is fried pastry dipped in dark chocolate.

hamburger PhP135

Upon having a slice, I find this order malansa to taste. I only had a slice and that's it. I like the fries though.

baked macaroni PhP157

DB's order. I have not had a chance to taste it.

The beef salpicao PhP308 was not in the picture because it was served late. DB and I feasted on it as soon as it arrived lol The soup was served room temperature. Plus, the fact that service was slow that day. That's why I didn't enjoy this restaurant.

We didn't order their Tropical fruit shake PhP155 in a pitcher though. That would have made my day!