SereniTEA: Free Strawberry Milk Tea and more

my free strawberry milk tea PhP95

As I have previously posted, I was back in Serenitea Wilson branch last Wednesday to collect my free drink- I completed 10 stamps loyalty card.  I added PhP4 to split my large strawberry milk tea drink into two cups. It tasted alright but I still want the original pearl milk tea.

chicken chop PhP65

A trip to Serenitea is not complete if I didn't order chicken chop. Hmm... I just discovered that the green leafy vegetables are basil. It give the chicken chop a distinct smell! Love it!

pepper fries PhP50

A bit disappointed when this was served. First, it came out late. They still have to buy the fries because they ran out of stock. Then, the fries given to us was a bit soggy and the veggies were few.

When I thought out loud that the veggies and friesthat was served earlier were soggy, immediately, the girl manning the counter went in the kitchen. A llittle later, the cook came out with the chicken chop full of basil leaves on top as seen in the second picture.

corn on a cob PhP50

I am not a fan of corn but I can surely eat this one. An order consist of three pieces of corn, cut. Present is the same pepper/ basil taste as the two above but this one it's sweet. It reminds me of how much I miss inhaw na corn found in Mines View in Baguio. I might eat corn again!

Along with my earlier complaint about the basil and fries, I asked if they also have Uji the one in Banawe branch as I can't find it on their display. With the conversation I had with the staff , I learned that the Uji Matcha should not have sugar in it. So, that's why my drink tasted sweet  even with only 50% sugar. My, oh my!

I hope I won't encounter bad timing once more in Serenitea on my next visit! Gosh, this is my fourth post for Serenity! I guess I am really a fan ; p