Jonah's Fruit Shake, Derek Ramsay and Fire Dancer... all in Boracay!

My visit: April 26, 2010

Jonah's Fruit Shake & Restaurant
Station 1, Boracay

Going to Boracay is not complete without trying Jonah's Fruit Shake. Well, it's actually nothing special hehe but people come in droves just to buy their fruit shake. I, personally, would order a fruit shake or two for the duration of my stay in Boracay.

 (l-r) fresh mango and papaya shake PhP75@

 with actor, Derek Ramsay with his to die for abs lol

Can I just say that Derek Ramsay is the greatest! Just look at his abs lol 

These fire dancer were so amazing. Watch the videos, these people have really great talent!