Zuzuni Boracay

My visit: April 26, 2010

Zuzuni Boracay Boutique Hotel and Restaurant
Boracay, Aklan

It was our last night in Boracay and I still have a long list of food establishment that we have not tried. DH and I decided that we should at least try an order or two in each restaurant on the list.

Philippine Tatler award 2009

First on the list was Zuzuni. 

waiting for our order to arrive

Thinking what to order. Everything seems so darn expensive!

lamb gyro split in half PhP255

Gyro is grilled meat wrapped in pita bread. This is such an expensive gyro. We were very disappointed to say the least. If only you can see the actual size of our order. The gyro was not even compact. There were only a few meat found inside the gyro. Good thing, we didn't order anything else. 

waiting for our order to arrive


Next stop, Mañana Boracay!