Intellipen- Digital Pen & USB Flash Drive... Pentastic!

My event: May 27, 2010

Intellipen Media Launch
Cafe 1771
El Pueblo, Ortigas Center

Do you want to have a pen that remembers everything that you wrote down on a piece of paper? Well, don't fret, because Intellipen is now here in the Philippines!

And you know what's even better? The notes that are stored in the Intellipen can be transferred to your computer with it's built -in 1 GB flash drive!

Step 1: write or draw on ANY piece of paper using Intellipen

Step 2: upload your notes via USB (1, 000 pages capacity)

Step 3: automatically convert handwriting to text

A little demo:

Now, that's what I call Pentastic! Thanks Vince Golangco for the invite!


I just got an email from Mr. David Haviv. For anybody who is interested in buying Intellipen, you can visit this website here. Locally, it is available in Office Warehouse (Power Plant Mall, Rockwell branch) and all PowerBooks store.