Inti-Mate Bra Converter... for that instant sexy back!

Have you ever experience the straps of your bra falling? I often do. And I unconsciously bring the straps back up yikes! Raise your hands if you are like me or not ; p

Well, there's always a solution to your problem. And it's inexpensive too at only PhP250!

1pack=3 colors= PhP250
A package contains 3 pieces Inti- Mate bra converter in nude, clear and black!

I am supposed to take my own picture to show how to use the bra converter but DH gave me the eye so I took the picture from the Inti- Mate site haha I didn't know DH could be that conservative lol

My sleeveless wearing days wouldn't be the same again. I used to wear my bra straps like the one in the before picture, who doesn't? But now, I can convert my normal bra into a racer back! Love it!

Thanks Sophie for my complimentary Inti- Mate bra converter!