Princess Footwear... gawang Liliw

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I was in Trinoma for our date night. While DH was buying our movie ticket, a tiangge near the escalator caught my attention selling organic stuff and an assortment of shoes. I remembered My Mom-Friday wrote about espadrille wedge sandals a few posts ago. Due to old age Due to memory gap, I forgot the price and the name of the store where she bought her shoes. All I remembered was she bought it in Tiendesitas. I vaguely remembered how much she paid for it. Yeah, I know, it sucks, right?!

Open toe Kate Dark Denim PhP500

The saleslady priced the espadrille wedge sandals at PhP550 and then lowered it down to PhP500.  I haggled to PhP400 and then PhP450 but she wouldn't budge. I told her that as far as I know, someone had bought it at a cheaper price in Tiendesitas. She assured me that I got the same price as with their Tiendesitas branch.

I didn't push with ithe haggling as I was not really sure how much it cost. That's one terrible thing about buying at tiangge, there is no fix price for an item.

When I went home home, I saw My Mom-Friday's post and was disappointed because she got hers for only PhP450. *darn* I could have saved the PhP50 for parking lol
The only consolation is that the shoes fit perfectly in my tiny feet. I hardly buy shoes beacause I couldn't find nice fitting ones haha

I just hope that I can walk in these Liliw, Laguna espadrilles without having calloused feet afterwards!


I used my new espadrilles last weekend, I found out that these shoes are not meant for long walks. A blister started to form, first, at the back of my left foot and then on my right. Good thing, my DS got some Band-Aid with her. The day after, I decided to use it again but I had to replace the old Band-aid first. Another tiis ganda moment.