Good Fellas steaks and burgers

My event: September 2, 2010

Good Fellas Steaks and Burgers
36 T. Gener corner K-1st Street
Kamuning, Quezon CIty
9645385   4133187


Esprit brown blouse
Guess jeans
necklace birthday gift from AC
chunky ring Christmas gift from JJ
hair pulled up in a bun

I read about Good Fellas in a blog and then in Inquirer, I egged DH to try this restaurant a few times but he was adamant because he thought that the restaurant caters to drinking crowd. Luckily, I was invited by Annesy del Mundo to try this restaurant which is so near my place!

I entered the restaurant, looking at the diners who were mostly couples, barkadas and a few men in office attire. I made a mental note to tell this to my DH.

Although Rowena and I were early than the meeting time, our car was already parked on the side street. Street parking is limited but there is a security guard. You can request him to call you if there is a vacant spot available fronting the restaurant. 

I went there on two occasions, one for the blogger event and the other with my DH. So the food you will see are from those two visits.

gambino family PhP375

I love shrimp! If only we were not in a group, I could have easily devoured all of these haha I have to contend not to finish this order in its entirety.

flamingo wings solo PhP220

Buffalo wings was ordered during my date night! DH says that the restaurant got the right taste of chicken wings that he has eaten in Canada. I love the dip which has bits of blue cheese in it ; p

big fella burger PhP195

This is DH order for the night, 200 gram burger with lettuce, onion and tomato sandwiched in oat bun. You can also order this with fries and drink for only PhP245.

jimmy two times PhP295

This was ordered by another blogger, Abet.  There were two kinds of chops, one was breaded and the other one grilled. I only tasted the grilled chop and it was tender.

I ordered this for myself during the time of my dinner date with DH. This time we requested that both chops be grilled. DH doesn't like breaded food haha On both occasions though, I needed the pork to be dipped in gravy because the pork was a bit bland. But it was tender no less. 

bambino ribs half rack PhP325

This was ordered and shared by Rowena and I during the blogger event. We were able to share this order with other bloggers as well. Baby back ribs... I love!

decadent cake PhP120

Amongst the three cakes that were served that night, I like the decadent cake the most. Not too sweet, the icing on top is good too. Other cakes were Toblerone cheese cake PhP150 and carrot cake PhP120.

iced tea Php45@

Sunrise Concha Y Toro Merlot

We were served two bottles of wine that night. I like the Sunrise Merlot over the other one because of its sweet taste. This wine is better paired with pastas and fresh cheese. 

early birds

complete bloggers invited plus Annesy in red

It was nice seeing familiar familiar faces and meeting new bloggers that night. We left early but had a good time nonetheless! Thanks for the invite, Annesy!