Singapore Chronicle: Wong Kok Restaurant

My visit: November 14, 2010

Singapore Day 1
PAL flight PR503 7am
round trip airfare $189.20

My friend, AC and I have agreed to be picked up by their car around 4am. But I overslept, yes, I overslept and my freaking alarm didn't work. And don't ask me why, ok? When I got her text that she, and her family were on their way, I panicked. She lives just a block away from my home. I replied by texting her I'll be down in 5 minutes. That's how fast I washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed clothes. Yes, shower is not on the list! *shmelly*

 Jo, AC and I on board flight PR503

We arrived in Singapore after 3 hours. AC's relatives picked us up from the airport. We left our bag at the hotel lobby because of the 2pm check in time.

 Bugis Street

We lived for the next three days near Bugis Street. It is a fun and lively market place. Also near were two temples. We entered one really early the very next day. Wait for my next post as something really crazy happened that day!

 Lerk Thai The taste of Siam

AC's relative were all so enthusiastic as they haven't seen each other for quite awhile. They wanted to treat us out for lunch. We checked out Lerk Thai but I think no long table can accommodate more than 10 people. So, this was off our list. 

 Seoul Garden all-u-can-eat buffet

Next stop, Seoul Garden, I don't know why we didn't get in. So we proceeded to look for another restaurant inside a mall.

 spotted MrsMartinez loving the retail therapy ; p

And so while walking, Jo spotted this post with "I heart Retail Therapy" on it. Quickly, she gestured that I should take my photo along side with it. Geez, Jo and I just met a few hours ago and she knew that I'm a sucker for shopping! *shy*

herbed lamb chop hot plate set S$16.90

Finally, we settled for Wong Kok Char Chan Teng Hong Kong Restaurant. My hot plate includes two huge lamb chops with Italian red sauce, sweet corn soup and watermelon juice. I love my lamb chops. Best of all they were having a promotion, my order was at 20%off!

I was able to take a bath after we had our lunch. I can't be stinky lest I want to be mistaken as one of the animals in the Night Safari hehe