3 Hook Bra Extenders in Black!

Throwing away your old bra because it wouldn't fit? Don't fret! I have the practical solution that costs less than PhP20... Bra Extenders!

3 hook bra extender PhP12.75 bought in Landmark

I admit over the holidays, I got fat. I added 5 pounds to my usual weight! OMG, the moment of truth was when I fitted my bra and the sides of my skin falls out of proportion... think Michelin tires! lol

So, my new find over the holiday is not food or make up but a 3 hook bra extender with 3 hook and eyes. I saw this black bra extender in the lingerie section of Landmark department store inside Trinoma Mall. I thought it wouldn't fit my Wacoal bandeau bra but it did and inexpensive at that! I felt happy because I save a lot of money from not buying a new bra.

Using it is easy just hook the extenders to your old bra and thats it!

My old bra is given a new lease of life haha But I am counting on my future treatments with a slimming center plus diet so I can do away with my bra extender in a few weeks. Hopefully everything will go as planned!

Available in 2 and 3 hook bra extenders. Colors in beige, black and pink.