Taiwan Chronicle: The Lin Family Mansion and Garden

My visit: December 28, 2010


Lin Pen-yuan Family garden
No.9 Ximen St., Banqiao City, 
Taipei County
Operating Hours: 9am-5pm
02-29653061 to 3

Our trip to Taipei was unplanned. We don't have the itinerary on where to go. We wake up, get dress, have breakfast and off we go. Where? we don't know haha The Taipei Metro Tourist Map is all we have and it's a very good travel companion. 

On our second day, it is no different, armed with our trusted map, DH scouts for places we haven't visited. Did I ever tell you that we have been to Taipei 4 or 5 times in the past? We wanted to visit places where not so many tourist abound and thus came the decision to go and visit The Lin Family Mansion and Garden.

theater in the Fang-Jian Study area

Along the way, we passed by a temple. We stop to offer some prayers and light some incense. 

DH's incense
 red lantern

 intricate design on post


After a few minute walk, we came across a huge wall structure which turns out to be the walls of the Lin Family Mansion. 

posing beside one of the four sides of the wall

jump shot along the fortress-like walls

It is said that Lin Ping-hou built this fortress like walls to protect the mansion from frequent armed clashes between Chinese immigrants.

near the gate

 another jump shot

The management does not collect entrance fees anymore. So we freely went inside to take a peak at what this mansion can offer. 

 The three-courtyard built in 1851

Built to the right side of the Bi-Yi Hall, the 3 courtyard is where the entire family lived. After three generations, Lin family is considered the wealthiest in Taiwan. 

Now, the lavish mansion is considered the best preserved old garden mansion in Taiwan. This mansion is also one of the few large buildings constructed during Qing Dynasty.

Unfortunately, you cannot get inside the 3 courtyard. A wall barricades between you and the courtyard. 


 half moon shaped pond

The pond serves as a mirror for defense. It is believed that the geomantic layout of this house represents: "Water in front, a mirror; the hill in back, a defense".

 is this a lotus?

 inside Lai-Ching Hall

a couple having their pictures taken

In front of Ding- Jing Hall, a pair of moon-doors face each other from across the space enclosed by the courtyard walls.

To get there:
  • Take Bus No. 264, 307, 310, 701, 702, 1073, 1074, 1202, 1206 or No. 9 of Ssanchong Bus Service. Get off at Beimen St. stop
  • Take Bus No. 264, 701, 889, 1073 or 1074. Get off at the stop of the Lin Family Mansion and Garden.
  • By MRT, get off at Fuzhong Station. Take Exit 1. The garden is around 8 minutes walk from the MRT station
  • By Train, HSR: Get off at Banqiao Station. The garden is around 20 minute walk from the station. 

TIP: MRT is our mode of transportation for the duration of our stay in Taipei. It is not advisable to buy a NTD200 ride all you can card or day pass because the fees for each stop is inexpensive. A refund of NTD50 will be given after you have surrendered your card. 

I was already very hungry around 1pm. Good thing a 7-11 store was just around the corner. DH and I shared a beef with rice lunch pack NTD55 and off we go shopping the rest of the day visiting Net stores in different locations.