Unboxing: SMART Bro Pocket WiFi UNLIMITED Surfing!

It seems that everybody needs to get connected these days. In our home, 3 of us use the service of PLDT MyDSL. We are paying PhP1801.62 a month for a Residential landline with Mega Bundle and a DSL connection. The speed is not enough when all three of us are using it at the same time (one playing  Call of Duty: MW2, another one video streaming and I am blogging) ; p

SMART Bro Pocket WiFi unit PhP4995

The most logical choice is to buy another internet connection through a different service provider. The decision to buy a pocket wifi is for DH to have the PLDT MyDSL all for himself ; p

A set includes SMART Bro device-the unit, USB Data Cable-a charger and an adaptor plug and a User Guide.

SMART Bro is a portable 3G + WiFi router. It has a nationwide coverage which is what we need. This device is manufactured by ZTE.

Smart Bro device

DH initially wanted to buy a Plug-It. It is an unlimited surfing USB device that you can simply plug in any PC. The initial cash out is only PhP999 but there is a lock- in period is 24 months. He decided against it since he is kicking out 2 other users. He needs a meaner connection lol 

This pocket wifi is available in PostPaid Plan PhP495 with a lock- in period of 24 months. A PhP150 amortization fee is also charged for 24 months for the use of the device. The total cash out every month is PhP645. The only down side is that the plan is only good for only 50 hours with an additional 5 hours if you pay on time. In excess, you have to pay PhP10 for every 30 minutes used. 

ZTE pocket wifi

DH decided for the next best thing, buy the unit which cost PhP4995 and get a post paid line for PhP999. It has unlimited internet connection with a lock in period of only 6 months. Internet speed is up to 2 Mbps.

The requirements in applying for SMART Bro PostPaid BroadBand SIM are:

  • Subscriber Application Form
  • Proof of Identification
  • Credit Card

The entire process from application to testing of the unit is approximately less than an hour. It took more or less 30 minutes to get my identification checked on their system. The Sales Associate was very helpful and knowledgeable in answering all of DH's questions and even taught me how to operate the device which was pretty easy. You just have to press and hold the power button on for 5 seconds, wait for the blue light to appear and you are ready to share the wi-fi to up to 5 computers/ gadgets.

The device is so light weight. It's like the size of my Nokia XpressMusic phone. It's so small it can fit in one of your jean's pocket. 

SMART Bro Prepaid Plug-it SIM

A free Plug-it SIM is included with the pocket wifi package. It is preloaded with 1 hour free internet use. The SIM card has an expiry date so I have already utilized the available one hour free internet. I kept the SIM in its original packaging because it might be useful next time. 

SMART Bro Postpaid Plug-it SIM Plan PhP999

As I am typing this, I am now connected through SMART Bro PostPaid Plug-it SIM. DH helped me set up the security system by changing the password at SMART Bro Web Server. We also checked the SpeedTest. So far, so good. My connection is fast. I was able to upload photos to Picasa in a matter of minutes just like when I am connected to our PLDT MyDSL plan. 

Earlier today, we tried to download videos. It can be a drag though. Hopefully, the connection will be faster in the near future. Or we could upgrade to a higher plan if it will be available in the near future.


While on my way to Resorts World last night for the launching of Beyond The Box, I used SmartBro for Tweeting while mobile. I find it a bit slow and at one point on my way home I tried connecting through WiFi and just couldn't find it. The trick is to turn the unit off and on again. After doing that step, I was able to find it and was immediately connected.

Overall, this gadget is not for those who are downloading movies online every time. You can purchase this if you are mostly just browsing online, updating a blog, uploading photos. DH was able to use SmartBro while playing his online game.


After six (6) months subscription, we decided to cancel our subscription with SMART Bro ; p The connection is too slow and most of the time there is no connection at all!

I wish we could have our money back. The connection sucks!