Kuretake Restaurant in Power Plant Mall

My visit: February 12, 2012

Kuretake Restaurant
 R1- Level Power Plant Mall 
Lopez Drive, Rockwell Center, 
JP Rizal, Makati City
8980509   8980718

DH and I attended the special screening of The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. You can call it our pre-Valentine's movie date. Of course, a date would not be complete without having dinner at a restaurant. 

We were initially looking for another restaurant but sadly, it closed down already. We chanced upon Kuretake Restaurant and I warned DH that it's a pretty expensive Japanese restaurant. 

gyudon ala carte PhP 420

We reluctantly entered the restaurant, keeping in mind to order only our favorite sushi and sashimi. 

I can't live without rice so I ordered gyudon. DH & I shared a bowl of thinly sliced beef over glass noodles and warm rice. The slices of onion make this order sweet. This order has only a few strips of beef and almost half of the strip is fat---> look at the photo above ; p The miso that comes free with this order is good though. 

The following are the sushi and sashimi that we have ordered...

2 salmon sushi PhP170 (PhP85@)

ika sashimi PhP250/ order

2 saba sushi PhP200 (PhP100@)

I can eat saba now. I don't know if I will be daring enough to eat raw salmon and ika (squid) in the near future. In the mean time, this is as far as I can go where eating sushi is concerned. 

tamago sashimi PhP105/ order

Except for tamago which is exceptionally sweet, all the sushi and sashimi that we ordered were fresh and of good quality.

The price is pretty expensive, yes, but that tantamount to the quality of food that you get to eat... with the exception of gyudon!

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