Precious Dog: Crazy Dog Green Apple Grooming Spray

My dog, Precious, is a pomeranian. How many of you have poms as dogs? Sure, these dogs are cute and cuddly but come combing time, their fur is really hard to comb, right? I don't know about you but I don't let other people give Precious a bath. Only family members can give her a bath because she gets really stressed out. Adding more stress is the combing part of the process. 

Once, when she was about a year old, DH and I brought her to a grooming salon for cut and shampoo. The salon needed to sedate her to calm her down. After that incident, I never took her anywhere near a grooming salon. 

Green Apple Grooming Spray for dogs 237 ml (8 fl. oz.) PhP345

Anyway, my SIL bought Crazy Dog Green Apple Grooming Spray for Precious. It works wonders and cuts our drying and combing time into half. What's even better? She doesn't get stressed or angry anymore!

she looks annoyed every time she takes a bath, not anymore! hahaha

The bottle said it detangles and add shine. I usually spray it on Precious' damp fur. After spraying, I blow dry and comb her fur as usual. Without the grooming spray, she gets angry.

bath time is now fun!

The grooming spray can double as a dry shampoo. I love the green apple scent it leaves on my dog's fur.

What about you, do you have a pomeranian too?

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