Birthday Lunch at Torch!

May 2, 2012

Home Studio Building
63 Connecticut St., 
Greenhills, San Juan City

Don't be confused! I know I wrote about celebrating my birthday in Sariwon, Bonifacio High Street Central. What I didn't tell you is that I had lunch that day with my neighbor and fellow blogger Rowena in Torch.

 salpicao tenders PhP219.95

The restaurant is located along Connecticut St. You will not miss it because it is housed within the huge Home Studio Building. Be sure to be there early as parking slots are limited. 

Anyway, with only PhP1000 gift certificate on hand, we decided to just share whatever we order. I am a rice person so ordering a rice topping is a must. 

Salpicao Tenders is only served between 7:00 am to 10:30 am with complimentary bottomless House Blend Coffee. Since our visit was for blogging purposes, we were allowed to order a plate of sauteed US Angus beef tenderloin cubes with egg and garlic rice. Our verdict: Very Satisfactory. The beef was tender, almost melt in your mouth kind. No coffee was served.


The place was almost empty save for a table occupied by a group of young men in the opposite side of the divider. But not for long, people came in trickles around lunch time and by the time we were about to leave, the place was almost full.

 soft shell crab salad PhP299.95

Since I love soft shell crab, we ordered one with the salad. I was disappointed because it was not as crunchy as I would like it to be. Plus, the veggies are quite few.

jabanero babyback ribs PhP484.95

Let's just say that I will not be ordering their babyback ribs anytime soon. First, it was served at room temperature. Second, it was not fall-off-the-bone ribs. The waitress offered to reheat it but I was already full from the salpicao tenders.

If ever you would eat in Torch, I would strongly recommend salpicao tenders as it was the saving grace of our lunch. 

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