Have You Met Johnny Sarangani-The Talking Bisayang Bangus?

Have you seen Johnny Sarangani video making the rounds online lately? If not, you are in luck because I have a copy of the hilarious video!

watch Johnny Sarangani

Johnny Sarangani-The Talking Bisayang Bangus was trapped inside an overcrowded fishpond. Johnny Sarangani was used to the clean waters of Sarangani Bay and wanted to escape. He found an accomplice-the lady reporter. The video ends with the talking bisayang bangus saying "Sarangani Bay Here I come!"

Sarangani Bay Facts:

  • More than 50% of the Philippines' requirement for Bangus fry comes from Sarangani Bay
  • It is a trusted supplier of Bangus fry in the country
  • Best (Prime) Bangus can only be found in Sarangani Bay

What happens next? Follow Johnny Sarangani at www.saranganibay.com!

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