Lunch Specials at Jeon Ju Hyang Toronto

October 11, 2013

Jeon Ju Hyang
325 Bamburg Circle
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Earlier today, we were back at the place where Pho 88 is located. This time, we ate at a Korean restaurant called Jeon Ju Hyang.

L.A. Galbi $10
As with any L.A. Galbi style cut, the beef is a bit chewy but at the same time tasty. It was served in a huge bento box. You can view the whole box after the break...

nine banchan or appetizers
Like other Korean restaurants, this restaurant also serves a good number of banchan.

L.A. Galbi box
 L.A. Galbi bento box contained a side salad, 2 kinds of banchan and rice.

Pork BBQ $10
DH ordered Pork BBQ on a hot plate. It also includes soup and a bowl of rice. My SIL ordered Dolsot Bibimbap for only $9. It was huge she was not able to finish everything ; p

I can't wait for the long weekend due to Thanksgiving! We will probably be going to one of the outlets here in Toronto. Flexing my muscles so I can get ready to shop ; p

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