Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant in Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough

Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant
375 Bamburgh Circle
Toronto, Canada

When we are in Toronto, DH and I like to eat in new restaurants as well as old ones like Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant.

Roast Duck
Whenever we are in a Chinese restaurant, ordering a Roast Duck is a must. There are two kinds available- regular and lean. The lean meat is out of stock the night we dined in Sam Woo huhu I was not disappointed with the one served to us though because it was tender and juicy at the same time. It goes well with the plum sauce served on the side. Read more after the break...

Seafood and egg Soup
We almost always order a bowl of soup for her when we eat out with #babyMartinez. This soup was bland, no amount of pepper or black vinegar can add to the taste of this soup. In the end, we were not able to finish this order.

Chicken and Taro
The chicken was ok but the taro was really bad (think panis... that bad). We complained and the waiter returned it to the kitchen. When he brought it out, the taro still stinks. We ended up not touching the entire dish for fear of an upset stomach.

BBQ Pork

BBQ Pork is what Sam Woo specializes on. It is better tasting than the one I had from Congee Queen. This one tasted more like that BBQ Pork that I am familiar with back in Manila.

2 out 4 dishes made it to my favorite dishes... not bad, huh? Pasang awa lol With some hits and misses, there's still room for improvement in Sam Woo BBQ Restaurant. Am I right?

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