Signature of Love Video

Bath time, story time and play time are just some of the activities that #babyMartinez and I do on a daily basis. For some, they would feel that it is just a part of a routine but for us, it is our Signature of Love.

#babyMartinez may not be able to understand everything yet, but these special moments that we share show exactly what my "I love you" means. Read more after the break...

In my previous post, I encouraged mommies to share a video of your own special way of saying "I love you". The good news is over 200 mommies out there shared their own Signatures of Love. And now, Johnson's Baby is proud to present to you a compilation of Signatures of Love from all over the Philippines. Watch Johnson's Signature of Love Music Video and see how mommies can say I love you in so many ways....
 Signature of Love Music Video     

I love the new video! It's so heartwarming and yes, you can say I Love You in more ways than one- the super baby, the nose to nose, flashcard fun, the horsey, book bonding, foot massage fun, bubble popping, the flying spin and so much more!

I especially like the video submitted by mommy Jam and baby Hatley called Pretty Pretend. I can relate to that because #babyMartinez loves to pick up my lip balm from my bag and pretend to apply it on her lips. She's so adorable!

My daughter may not know it yet but I say "I love you" to her every single day. We don't need words, we have a code and it's so much sweeter than pie ala mode!

Have you watched the video? Which part has touched your heart? Share them with me.
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