Travel Essential: L.A. Trekking Sleeping Bag (Koala)

Yesterday, I posted about our flight to Toronto and I mentioned about how thankful I am for the L.A. Trekking bag I brought along for our long haul flight. I am now sharing what the packaging looks like. It is so C-U-T-E, right?

L.A. Trekking Koala  Sleeping Bag PhP 750 375

Yes, you read it right, it's 50% off. I didn't even think twice when I saw this bag along with other sale items in the recently opened Handyman located in Z Mall Banawe, Quezon City. I grabbed it and just went straight to the cashier lol Yes, it was an impulsive purchase but it was totally worth it.

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the sleeping bag has its own backpack  ; p

2 side compartments

2 zippers because it's reversible
size: 150x68cm
detachable Koala

It's now 2am (Toronto time) and yet I am typing this entry... jet lag much, eh? OMG, I am starting to sound like a Canadian lol It does not help that I chugged down a large mug of Tapioca Milk Tea from Go For Tea ; p Anyway, to read about the start of our Toronto adventure, read here.

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