New Find: Cookbook Kitchen

My visit: January 16, 2010

Cookbook Kitchen
8 Socorro Fernandez St.,
cor. Luna Mencias St.,
Mandaluyong City, MM
7243595   3815935

This man is really gracious. He was the one who was manning the door and greeted us upon entering. He lead us to the side door entrance, apparently the restaurant was so full last night that a table was set up near the main entrance. He was also right there in the front door as we were leaving his restaurant. I was taking picture of his restaurant's signage when his wife quips, "You can take your picture with him if you enjoyed your dinner" And enjoy I did, so here's my picture with him with my beaming smile.

photo op with Chef Gen Capati

I thank Lola for the generous dinner and the wonderful company of friends we dined with that night! Btw, this was already take four- taken by a waitress, the first three pictures were taken by the waiter who does not have a steady hand. I wonder how he became a waiter though lol

it's Lola's birthday!! (the seated lady in blue with her eyes closed)

Chef's Special with sweet mango fish sauce PhP200

Chef's salad consists of slices of ham, topped with frozen fruits on mixed greens.

Super salad with choice of honey mustard and/or balsamic vinaigrette PhP190

Super salad is mixed greens topped with grilled chicken. I personally liked the honey mustard dressing. I even used the dressing with my lamb shoulder steak.

take your pick: CBK Red Iced tea, CBK Classic Lemon Iced tea and CBK lemonade PhP50@

Just double the price and you got yourself unlimited/ bottomless drinks.

Cream of squash soup with ciabatta bread PhP120

Almost everybody had a taste of the cream of squash soup. It was light and not rich as DH was hoping for. But I actually liked it.

Sausage chowder (split serving) PhP180

Sausage chowder was the soup ordered by the birthday girl. I take her word when she said she
like it.

Parmesan Crusted White Fish Php280  just moments after serving

Baked fish, it must be good right? Good to the taste that is!

Fish Casserole Mediterranean Style PhP295

Tomatoes, olives, onions and herbs are baked together with the fish with Mozzarella cheese on top!

White fish in pumpkin sauce PhP265

We were really literally laughing out loud when this entree was served. We were not prepared to see the fish literally swimming in soup err sauce. And this was after almost everyone had his/ her own taste of the pumpkin soup. I was thinking they should have changed this dish's name to soup instead of sauce. Poor JK had to endure the sight of her fish swimming in pumpkin soup!

Fish with ginger lime sauce Php260

After three fish orders and this came out last, I have literally no appetite to taste this hehe What with the strong ginger smell, I have to have to pass. And it seems like cream dory is the house fish. No other choice huh?

CBK Chicken PhP320

I was too full by the time this dish came around. Sad to say, I was not able to taste it. A funny anecdote... the order came out immediately a few minutes after ordering this entree, we were all thinking- Geez that was fast! But just as as soon as the order was placed in front of my friend, LCA, it was whisked away! Apparently another table have the same order and they ordered first. We were dumbfounded what if she already took a bite from chicken... ewwwwwww!

Gen's Steak PhP350 not in the picture, I got mixed reaction with this steak. FG said it was good but KM says otherwise. KM did not finish his order. He took the rest home. Aba, me take out pa!

Pork steak with honey mustard sauce PhP280

This entree was my DH's order. He said it was OK. The meat was tender.

Lamb shoulder steak with fennel- oregano sauce PhP360

Lamb shoulder steak with fennel oregano sauce. This was what the birthday girl and I ordered.

The above picture was my plate. Should I even tell you how I love this dish? hehe
With just a few misses, I will definitely be back for the lamb!