I like: Mooncake

Royal Garden Restaurant, Inc.
851-853 Sabio Padilla St. (former Gandara St.)
corner Ongpin St., Manila
7331122   73311181

Yesterday, I went to Ongpin to buy mooncake at Royal Garden Restaurant. This is what we usually have for the mooncake festival when I was younger. Many brands have surfaced but I still want Far Eastern Mooncake. 

Far Eastern Mooncake

I was surprised to see different kinds of mooncake. First, you have to choose between black or white lotus. Then choose between a plain one or with egg. Then there's mixed nuts! I chose plain mongo PhP78 for myself and mongo with 1 egg PhP 108 for DH. I bought two of each kind.

DH ate his mongo with 1 egg after dinner and I have not touched mine yet. Be sure to get one for yourself, believe me, you will like it too!


Moon cake festival na!! I was in Taipei a few years back during the moon cake festival but there were none of the frenzy that we Chinoys are accustomed here. There were no dice game, pua tiong chiu. And giving of moon cake, I wonder why?