Baby Coral Bracelet

While I was at the jewelry store in Manila two weeks ago to buy a friction back for my daughter's earrings, I noticed several pairs of baby coral bracelets. My mom kept a set for my little girl but it is still too big for her. I wanted to buy the right size for her so she can wear it now. And this is what I bought...

red coral bracelet with 18k gold lock PhP 3,500 3,300

A pair costs PhP 7,000 but I don't have enough money on hand that day so I was just able one ; p Baka pag binili ko un set, wala na akong lunch money lol

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red coral bracelet with 18k gold lock PhP 3,500 3,300

The photo above shows the 18k gold lock. The number of coral is around 19 pieces. It is said that the color or redness may change depending on the health of the wearer. Lighter if you are sick and red if you are healthy. And if you buy a real coral, it gets smaller in time.

Here is a good read on how to spot a fake coral bracelet and its benefits. Here's another helpful website I found on how to properly care your coral jewelry.

With some money left, my family and I went to Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant for lunch!

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