Soneva Spa Experience

Soneva Spa
4th floor, Forum Building
270 Tomas Morato cor Limbaga St.,
Metro Manila

Treatments availed:

Balinese Herbal Detox Massage- PhP 680/hour

Volcanic Stone Therapy Massage -PhP 790/hour

The day after our diving trip to Anilao, we decided to have a massage at Soneva spa. It was my third time to have a massage with this spa and a first for my DH. But since the first two stone massage that I availed were during promo time- PhP 299 for 40 minutes no shower, I wasn't able to try their facilities which I later found out was just a shower room. 

Upon checking with Bernadette, the receptionist, about the different types of service available, I found out that the 15% discount was not applicable on holidays. Instead, we were upgraded to Bamboo- couple's room for free. Lockers were strategically located beside your bed but no key was provided. My guess is that you have to ask for it at the counter. We were then asked to change our clothes. 

A robe and shorts were neatly spread on the bed. ATowel was already hanging on the shower door while soap and shampoo were placed in a cup with cover. We noticed that there was no jacuzzi, steam nor sauna in sight. Aside from the shampoo, soap and hand soap placed near the sink, no lotion, cotton buds, alcohol and other spa essentials. The service better be good for its lack of amenities. 

At the beginning of my massage, I asked my therapist, Angie to turn on the air purifier found on the floor. Girlie, my DH's therapist was setting the stones in a tub of heated water. I can smell the Green tea oil that I chose as I was being massage. Hmmm smells good! It was good choice! Two steamed herbal pouch- PRAKOP were being gently rubbed on my back, at this moment, an instrumental piped in music was played. It was a bit delayed. Maybe because we were there before their 2pm opening time. I can hear my DH telling his therapist that his stones were a bit hot and that he can't tolerate it. The therapist dropped a stone or two in the process... yikes! might be really hot! After that incident, everything went smoothly. 

As I was changing back to my clothes, DH said that he finished earlier than me. Maybe Girlie didn't know that their 40 minutes promo had already expired and that DH had paid for the full one hour rate. Anyway, My massage lasted for more than an hour. I don't know what happened. Must be a mix up.

After our massage, we went back to the reception area. Rose tea and Iced tea were served as per request. I told Bernadette that their shower had uneven water pressure and that they have clogged pipes to which she replied they were working on it. I told her that I am looking for a lotion inside the shower area and found none. She smiled and offered me one but I declined. Due to lack of space she told us that jacuzzi and steam/ sauna was out of the question. She gave us a form to join their raffle which will be drawn every monday of June where you can win one free massage. She thanked us and said that a text message will be received if we win haha I'm not lucky with raffle but who knows?!? 

In spite of the lack in amenities, I will definitely come back for a good massage experience. Especially, if they will continue offering the 15% discount on weekdays from 2-4pm.


good massage therapist, you can choose your own scented oil hehe

steep price without jacuzzi, steam/ sauna