Manos Greek Taverna

Manos Greek Taverna

Tagaytay City

You think Tagaytay has enough great food to offer? But what great is it if you go the distance and eat at restaurants found here in Manila? The last time we went there, we ate at Tootsie's which I sadly gave a bad review. Look-

lamb shawarma

So on we go and search for a new place to eat and since we were intrigued when we saw the tavern a few visits back, we tried it this time around.

The parking slots were full when we arrived but luckily two cars left in a short time. The interior gives you a homey feel. Bottles were line up as design in every wall of the restaurant. A simple picture of the owner's family hangs on a wall facing the entrance.

We arrived at a half full restaurant and quickly got a long table- we were 8 hehe

The menu give included a lengthy article behind the origin of the Greek cuisine. Even I had a hard time finishing reading it because we were really hungry from a whole day of snorkeling.


DH ordered a lot- and I mean a lot for the both of us. Tomato and Pasta Soup (PhP140), Lamb Shawarma for moi (PhP110), Chicken Shawarma (PhP90), Gemista (PhP210), Baklava, my dessert (PhP100) and coke & lemonade (PhP 45 & 30 respectvely). Other orders by our friends were Pork Sharwarma (PhP90), Potato fries (PhP50), Grilled Patties (PhP 210), an eggplant which I forgot the name among others.

The tomato and pasta soup was fairly big that we shared it with two other people to taste. For the lamb shawarma, I have to bite really hard and chew the lamb to be be able to swallow it. At first bite, I can taste the tzatziki- a bit tangy and spicy although I got use to it after a few bite. 

My friend who had chicken shawarma complained about how only a few chicken meat cubes can be found in each pita. She ordered an extra tzatziki for 100 pesos/ small cup because she loves dipping her pita in it. The gemista tasted different from what I've eaten and tried in Cyma, the difference lies in the raisins found in Cyma's Gemista which I liked better for it's lightly sweet taste. The Mousaka, an eggplant thingy which is famous in the restaurant, was a bit salty. We saw a pair arrived and ordered only just that dish and left soon after finishing it. I also tasted the grilled patties and this too tasted salty for my palate. But according to my friend who ordered it, the patties were just fine. Maybe we just have different taste. She also told me that she will definitely be back while I was not really fond in going back. hehe

Maybe you can tell me what you think when you tried the restaurant, eh?