And still continuously watching...

Not so good if you ask me... it's a bad sign, we have nothing to watch thus we continue watching the second season of 4400. Don't be shocked that I've survived the first season since from the start I really find it boring. Their first season consists of mainly 5 episodes so there congratulate me hehe *confession- slept thru one of the episodes hehe*

In my previous post, I've written about how it is about alien abducting earth people well, well, guess what? Their writers changed their mind and in turn decided that this series is about the future people who are about to be extinct abducting present people to create a ripple effect. Their sending back the abductees with different abilities that would enable them to change the course or way of life in the future. Huh?

When I watched how these abductees have different abilities, I recognize the similarities with the series HEROES and thought that this is a copycat series. DH proved me wrong by saying that this series has started way ahead of Heroes as it's on it's fourth season and I guess Heroes is on its third?? Anyway, I like the way Heroes tell its stories than this one. I still find that each episode drags me to dreamland. Which is good if you ask me because right now, I need plenty of sleep hehe

Anyway, I really, really hope that new season of Desperate Housewives would come out soon!