Our Home in MyHome Mag!

 March, got a message from the assistant editor of MyHome magazine asking if my home is "still" available for a photoshoot. I used the word STILL because the photoshoot was supposed to be scheduled last quarter of last year. Due to some problems on my part, the shoot did not push through. "Well.... hell yeah!" so I thought but i didn't sound that eager on text, you know *wink* Just as soon as I got the text message, I quickly ask my DH for permission for the shoot not that I needed to but just to be on the safe side hehe In which he said "yes!" Buti nalang he is in a good mood as he is driving towards NO TRAFFIC Manila through our SSHW.

the magazine cover June 2008

the title page hehe

I didn't get my hope's up to be disappointed later on. I waited for her text to confirm the date and time for the shoot. Up to the very day of the shoot, I still have the inkling that it won't be pushing through. BUTI nalang I have my yoga breath to turn to. Not to be excited but to be calm hehehe. After being late for about an hour, finally the team arrived. By team, I mean a photographer and the assistant editor. A writer was supposed to be with them but was caught up in another job. So the assistant editor turned writer interviews as she instructs the photographer areas in our house to be captured on cam. Living room facing our falls was shot first then the living room and the master's bedroom. Other areas in the house did not comply with the zen theme that's why the assistant editor slash writer did not bother to include in the shoot. If my pom- spitz Precious just stops barking and attacking our magazine friends , she might be included in the photo shoot. But she would not stop so she ended up locked in the dirty kitchen hehehe

The whole shooting and rearranging was over in an hour. I let them have a cake and something to drink. It was a fun experience not that I'm one who is ignorant from the process of shooting as I was once featured in MOD magazine- is the magazine still thriving? hehehehe Wait till we have our child... you can see us battling for SM baby of the year yihaaaaaaaaaaa!