Late Bloomer!

While everybody is now watching season 4 of the TV series Grey's Anatomy, my DH and I are just starting season 1. But boy, we are fast! In just two nights, we have already watched the entire season of nine episodes hehehehe It's like a movie marathon though we are watching a TV series, so can I just call it a "series marathon" then? hehe

The first night of watching it was the result of having nothing to watch since we don't have DSL connection for a friggin' long time. Remember my rants on Globe DSL connection? It's pretty pathetic now that I'm looking back and we have DSL connection courtesy of PLDT. But Globe DSL connection really sucks- intermittent and/or no connection at all. What can I do? NOTHING!

Going back, we pulled out DVD copies from our drawer and had to choose from CSI, Sex and the City, Numbers and chose Grey's anatomy. I was hesitant at first but what the heck! You gotta watch it for there is nothing left for us to watch duh! Afterall, it is our only vice hehe

So, for its very first episode I was hooked unlike other TV series that I watched. First episode can make or break a series. I can tell most often if a series will turn out good or bad, corny or otherwise. But in Grey's Anatomy, I find all the characters likeable. I tend to find the character of Ellem Pompeo, Meredith Grey a bit over acting borderline pa CUTE though. Don't get me wrong but I do love her, its just that in her scenes with Dr. Mc Dreamy, the acting is not right for her age. She is old to act like a teenager in love. Dr. Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, is the go getter in the group. Always eager and her drive is always present in each and every episode. I think Katherine Heigl's character should be given more exposure but hey! I'm still in season 1 hehe maybe the next season features her as not just a model but a qualified doctor as well. Please give her meatier acting material to work on. She can do better than just being an eye candy in the show. I can't say much of the men's character in the show because they are just OK *wink* Unless you are one of those MC Dreamy fans. Maybe you can write a whole page or blog talking just about him but NO, not me! I like him but what's there to write? If you disagree, write in your own blog hehe kidding!

What interests me most are the lines thrown in each episodes and also the scenes that are set in the operating room. You can see how, sometimes, doctors can be such a B. S. in treating their patients. I am not saying all but for doctors who sometimes don't symphatize with their patients. In one episode the older attending surgeon wants to remove the entire nerve of sexual pleasure of the man for the sake of finishing the operation in half the time. In another episode showed that their chief has to be operated on and he turned out to be the worst patient. Doctors are the worst patient of them all hehe

I can't wait for DH to arrive tonight so we can watch and finish the first season if I still have the strength, didn't I tell you I am going back to Bikram Yoga this week? hehehe