Blow- Out!

August 15, 2008

Chateau 1771
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5
Makati City
729-9760 or 0917-862-6467

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: French, Italian

We braved the traffic of Makati to celebrate the birthday of LL. After an hour ride, we finally arrived at our destination, HUNGRY. But girls will be girls.... shopping is a must and hunger goes unnotice for awhile lol We went around Greenbelt 5 and window shop at Banana Republic and bought a lip balm at Kiehl's. On our way to Chateau 1771, we saw the former first lady Imelda Marcos with her big hair and all hehe 

 large four season salad PhP550

We entered a full house resto. But the receptionist gave us a seat tucked in a corner near a window and right after the door. Not a good location but the celebrator insisted on the restaurant since she long wanted to eat there.

We ordered a large Four Season Salad, Carrot Soup, Butterfly Prawns with rice and a Capellini Tomato Pasta.The salad priced at PhP 550 was split into three as suggested by the waiter. It has meat, parmessan cheese and candy coated nut topping on the veggies and the dressing, Vinigrette, is good too. 

carrot soup PhP180

Carrot soup (PhP180) was LL's order. She lets me taste it first when she learned that I am writing a food review on the restaurant. The soup tasted sweet but she likes it so what can I say maybe the carrot veggie gave it the sweet taste. 

 butterfly prawns-PhP480

Thinking that the Butterfly Prawn at PhP 480 was good to share, C and I opted to order just that. What a disappointment! It turned out that the prawns were a little too small and its meat was chopped and mixed with some other ingredients like cream and cheese that I couldn't barely identify and placed it back on its shell. Don't let me start talking about the rice. The serving was so tiny, I think it's just four spoonful.

capellini tomato- PhP390

What's a birthday without pasta, so we ordered a Capellini Tomato using angel hair pasta. For PhP 390, it's a hell of a hefty serving that we actually had to take home the rest of it.It tasted good and the sundried tomato gives a rich taste and added an extra oomph to the pasta as well.

Actually I felt that everything is overpriced but it's a fine dining restaurant and you pay just for the ambiance hehe

cozy interior
attentive waiters
expensive *hello* fine dining lol

After Dinner

Ground Level, Greenbelt 3
Makati City

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Coffee Shop

We were supposed to have desserts at Cafe Breton but the restaurant was packed with gimikeros and gimikeras. Starbucks was out of the question. I think it was C who suggested the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because she has a cash card of the establishment hehe

The celebrator insisted that we drink her favorite amongst the chocolate drink which was Moroccan Mint Choco PhP115 for each of us and a slice of Triple Decker Cheese Cake PhP135.

The Mint Choco was soothing to the taste buds with the mint lingering in your mouth even after you drank the choco. The Cheese Cake was sinful enough but we ordered a triple decker one hehe It is delicious but we ended up not finishing it but not because we were watching our weight lol

We have a fun night just being with each other, telling each other stories and gaining another friend.

Moroccan Mint Choco

sinful cheese cake teehee