Kitchen Of Cakes & Coffee... D-U-H!

August 26, 2008

I got a message from my friend AC, she was blabbering about not having a boss around that day and that if we can meet.

AC: Birthday ni Precious bukas, pa burjer ka naman..
ME: Mag absent ka bukas para me hamburger ka
AC: Pwede ngayon, wala boss ko...
ME: Agahan mu, ayoko na pag late
AC: Mga 4:30pm?
ME: Late na yun. 3pm alis ka na dyan.
AC: ok

Anyway, for those who can't understand what I'm writing, learn the friggin' Filipino language because I will not translate this into barok eng-lish! lol~

Well, she ended up picking me around 4:30pm, alright! Just give the poor girl a chance, she endured the heavy rainfall and the f#@ traffic in Greenhills just to see me hehe joke joke joke AC!

She ended as my chauffeur that day. Ask me why? you ask me, I ask who? haha Anyhoo, Whenever we go to our yoga practice, we always passed by the building where Baang was located and one time we saw a new quaint coffee shop beside it. We decided to try it out that day to just try it out, silly!

Now, hear my rantings... errr ... read it

First, not much parking available and we ended up parking on the building beside it. We have to cross the side street in heavy rain that our feet ended up soaking wet.

Second, the order taker/ waitress manning the store felt like they were obligated to speak in English even though we were ordering and asking them in Filipino. We ended up confused and stoic.

Third, we ask for their cold drink specialty, and got the Fudgy and Cool Mocha Mint both at PhP120 each. I don't know what's wrong with the two that we ordered but when we tasted both, it tasted the same. duh! I can't tell the difference neither do AC.

As for the Mango Torte that we ordered at PhP80/ slice, it tasted like meringue, and is too sweet we just couldn't finish a slice. Good thing our yoga buddy, LL, who was way too early for the 6pm yoga practice met with us and finish the cake minus the whipped cream. She had been here a day before and she also has a bad experience with her raspberry drink.

The only saving grace was their clubhouse sandwich- how can you ever go wrong with that? For PhP 150, the sandwiched is packed with veggies and eggs and i think bacon but the mayo that they put was too many that it drowns the taste of the other ingredients. and oh, fries was on the side too.

Sadly, we didn't finish our indescribable cold drinks, almost half of it were left and both of us vow to never be seen in that place again~

I know it's a bad review but you know, I just tell it as it is.