Penny Brown... delicious!

My visit: August 25, 2008

Penny Brown
Robinson Galleria

I am not supposed to be in a mall on a Monday but due to the holiday economics of our president, we have long weekend. And what good is the long weekend if you do not visit a mall, yeah?
LL and I after having misunderstood each other, finally agreed on going to the Robinson's mall. We ended up entering all boutiques and when I say, all, and I am not kidding you. After finishing the entire second floor, end to end mind you, I saw the tiny kiosk of Penny Brown. I asked LL if she ever tried it and she answered, No. I already tried it once with my family and we all commended that the combination of cookies and ice cream is simply delicious. And the price is just (PhP20) for the cookie ice cream sandwich or whatever they call it.

LL and I tried 2 flavors of its cookies which is peanut butter and i think the other one is chocolate. And for the ice cream, we chose raspberry and green tea. The brand of ice cream they use is FIC.

In the short amount of time we spent in front of the counter, we gave unsolicited advise to the one manning the kiosk lol We told her that the kiosk is not in strategic location and because the sign looks and feels like Brownies kiosk/ stand maybe people are assuming that they are selling brownies instead of cookie ice cream sandwiches. We pose in front of the stand for some pictorial and of course we took some photos of the product with our camera phone, my camera won't fit in my bag hehe and LL left hers in the car.

After finishing all four sandwiches, two for each of us, LL asked if I wanted some more, I declined thinking it's sinful to eat one and I ate two, three would be disastrous to my figure, if I have one lol~

Too bad, the girl manning the kiosk told us that their branch in Robinson's Galleria will be gone and only their branch in Makati will be left. It's such a sweet sensation to be gone too soon~