Canadian Home

I love our Canadian home! It is very warm and cozy. The location is great. The house is just simple but homey.

Canadian home

I love staying in the basement where DH works and coordinates with his Manila office people. I often watched T.V. in the couch or the sofa bed and just slept there when I can't help it anymore hehe while DH makes quotations for clients. DH will just wake me up as soon as he is done working and both of us will go up our room around 3 a.m. Canadian Time.

hardworking DH

Our room has a queen sized bed and has 4 pillows. Pillows often ended up on the floor sprawled with the rest of our things on the floor hehe

our messy room

The nearest mall in our area is less than 5 minutes away when you drive a car. And when I am there, wherelse to eat but at Manchu Wok hehe Sweet and Sour Pork, baby~ Now that I'm back home, I kind of miss our Canadian home *sniffs*

USD 7 per plate meal