Lululemon= Yoga

Since I got into yoga, I often see cute little tag on some yoga attire of students especially the good, old *ahem* advance ones. Later on, I learned that Lululemon is the adidas in yoga hehe

So, when I went to Canada, I thought I could have one of those cute attires. Lululemon incidentally is a product of Canada. Sad to say, I couldn't afford the outfits *geez* even those that are on sale. I saw cute tops on sale but most are broken sizes and priced at USD 30 and above. Needless to say, crop pants were also out of the question because crop pant's price scare the hell out of me haha with price ranging from USD 40 and above. Discounts given were minimal (only a few dollars). And from what I'vve read in forums., when they conduct a once a year sale, lines where as far as the eyes can see. Lululemon sure have a huge fan base and have the money to splurge for its product.

boogie on short DEN

All I can do now is wishful thinking haha and post some of the shorts that I've been wanting to have and can't have... economy reasons and think about all those who can't afford too eat three meals a day huh.

dash short

Oh, well maybe next time...