Pepper Lunch: Good or Bad?

My visit: December 31, 2008

Pepper Lunch
Rockwell Power Plant Mall

This is my first food review on the first day of the year, it ought to be good... NOT! hehe My family wanted to try this "pricey" fastfood restaurant for quite sometime but we only got the chance to dine yesterday.

We had our supposed to be lunch around 2 p.m. that was probably why there was no long queue outside the restaurant. One of the main reason why people often saw multitude of people queing for this resto would probably because of the positioning of their counter- close to the entrance and people would really have no choice but to line outside its door. Another spill was that people would be on stand- by outside because you cannot just seat anywhere, the cashier would be the one to assign you a seat after your orders were taken. The number can be found on the upper portion of your receipt.

 Pepper Lunch Beef Pepper Rice

We had ordered 3 Beef Pepper Rice and a Teriyaki Chicken. And had to look for our seat tucked almost at the far end of the room. We waited for more or less 30 minutes for our RAW food to arrrive. You would think that since they will serve it to you raw style the service would be fast and effiicient plus, it's not even their peak hour of the day. A waiter approached us and asked for our receipt so that he could look at what we have ordered. Whaaaaaaaat... was the big number on our table for??????????? A funny sticker note I found at the side of the sauce wherein it stated not to take home the chopsticks or something to that effect- it shows how Filipinos love to take souvenirs home lol when I got a look at the chopsticks, nothing exceptional except perhaps the color orange which would attract ERAP supporters hehe I requested for disposable chopsticks instead and the waiter quickly took the orange chopsticks away from us fearing that we might take it home lol Anyhows, only 3 orders where served and the other Beef Pepper Rice was nowhere in sight. We have to make two follow up for it to finally arrive. Since we didn't fancy any of their sauces, I try to ask for some extra Teriyaki sauce but was informed that it would cost me an additional amount. No way... Jose! Gravy is free for all and teriyaki sauce should be free as well. We were cheapskate you know lol

Pepper Lunch Teriyaki Chicken

We tried to cook each of our orders a little different than the other but all tasted just the same hehe The food was pricey- Beef Pepper Rice PhP 198 ala carte, PhP 235 with Coke, Teriyaki chicken costs almost the same. Paying for a few strips of beef for such a steep price, totally not worth it. Plus the fact that you will smell like food after you have finished taking your meal SUCKS bigtime!

credit card option

no napkins/ toothpick on the table
pricey for a fast food