New Find: Dezato Mochi

My visit: January 9, 2009

100 Hemady St.
Quezon City
7271229 3879484

When almost everyone was at the Black Nazarene, AC and I were trying to locate Dezato Cafe. She was driving and I was looking for a sign that screams Mochi- AC forgot the name of the coffee shop which she saw on TV- sign of old age maybe? Just kidding *AC would kill me if she read this*

We finally saw it when we crossed the intersection of E. Rodriguez and Hemady St. near Woodside Homes. We entered the empty coffee shop and we were able to talk to the 3 ladies manning the counter. The setting was simple and gave us a homey feel. The residence of the owner stand just beside it. It was well lighted and gives you the option to play poker, chess and other game boards while waiting for your 20 minute Shrimp and Garlic pizza to arrive.

 Shrimp Garlic Pizza- PhP350

The Pizza was freshly made from scratch and came out piping hot. Nothing spectacular about it and tasted just OK.

The Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream for PhP 35 a piece was very tasty and I love it. It's soft and chewy. Hmmm...I wonder what ice cream they use to put inside their mochi. I like it that the ice cream does not easily melt when I break the mochi into half. AC and I share an order *diet*

green tea mochi ice cream PhP35

We also ordered bite-sized mochi 4 pieces for PhP65 per order and tasted all their flavors- green tea, walnut, dark and white choco. I like the dark choco and green tea... the best! From what we have learned, all mochis were made by the owners themselves.

bite size sampler- PhP65

I enjoyed the place so much that last night I was back again in their coffee shop. This time with my family and there were a couple more people this time. I met their two owners who were both accommodating. We ordered a set of mochi ice cream 6 pieces at PhP175. With 5 flavors- green tea, coffee, strawberry, mango and chocolate to choose from. Brewed coffee PhP50 was served in a huge mug but was on a bitter side. I ordered their flavored drink called Vanilla Chai Tea Latte large at PhP140 which the owner willingly split into two tall glasses. Yipee! Taste with a hint of cinnamon... needless to say, it satisfied my taste. So, I might be ordering it again next time or I might try their Peppermint drink.

You should try their cafe!

free parking
free wi-fi
no service charge