It's my birthday~

Today is my birthday! I don't have a party for a change though I might go out with my ex-BF that's for sure! I know... I should not but what can I do. He is still irresistible and cutest guy I have met in my whole life. So, when he told me that he will go to the office on Friday instead of Saturday, my special day, to spend the rest of the day with me, I totally agreed and felt like a princess.

Geez... I'll post our date pic later.

Meanwhile, I had three pre- birthday parties. The first two were from different group of friends who are really close to my heart. And the last one was with my family.

The first, on April 26, 2009 was with my barkada way back in college. It is nice to see our group pic growing in size each year! CML and I celebrated together ;p

party #1 birthday gals, CML and I;group pic at Buon Giorno, Tagaytay

The second was with my 'sis' C and yoga buddy , LL. I surprised them with a visit last Saturday, May 1. Priceless was the shock on their faces and the double take they did when they saw me while practicing haha

We dined in Gerry's Grill Q.C. LL's bf tagged along too!

LL, bf, DH, Sweetie & C

The third treat was during dessert at Dezato Cafe right after Gerry's Grill. Too bad, LL was not able to join us. I invited my family over as I remembered my sis once told me how she misses the mochi of Dezato.

my family

Dezato Cafe in Hemady, QC May 1, 2009