Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe

My visit: May 10, 2009

Mom & Tina Bakery Cafe
106 E. Rodriguez Jr.,
Ugong, Pasig
5711540 9140833

A homey cafe. Price is not cheap though. The servings are not big enough for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Picture taken with her cake compliments of the cafe.

roast beef PhP325

lamb chops PhP375

ribeye steak PhP345

I was a bit disappointed with the mango kani salad PhP220, I found only one kind of lettuce and it's not my favorite. The lamb chops were thinly sliced but tasted good nonetheless. Other entrees, like soup of the day Php55, were not bad. We ordered several cakes like carrot cupcake PhP35, mini sansrival PhP50, mango walnut PhP85, white cheese roll PhP13, sausage roll PhP13, mini ensaimada PhP13 and strawberry cup PhP 75 but I was busy eating the cakes that shooting it came last on my mind bwehehe Here is my latest review.